Sharing Circle centres Dr Lorna Williams, next Monday 30 November

Join the Wellness Almanac Sharing Circles on Monday November 30 at which we’ll gather around our shared learnings and takeaways from reading about Wanosts’a7 Dr Lorna Williams.

We have shared quite a few of Dr Williams’ presentations on the Wellness Almanac over the years, so maybe this is the nudge you needed to open one of the videos, and set aside the hour to enjoy it all.

I would encourage you not to just read someone else’s interpretation or writing or reflections about Dr Williams, but go to the source. There is a lot of wonderful material out there that features Dr Williams, speaking in her own words. Look for that.

Register at the link to join the circle on the 30th:

then take some time over the coming week to google Dr Williams and discover something of her life and teachings, and gather in our virtual circle to share a personal takeaway.

The Wellness Almanac Sharing Circles are led by Tanina Rose Williams of Amawilc, and presented by the Wellness Almanac and Pemberton and District Public Library.

All are welcome. 8pm – 9pm. Monday November 30.

We are guided by protocols that the group designed, and will be shared at the beginning of the circle.

The newest protocol added at our second circle is: ALWAYS JOIN. EVEN IF YOU CAN’T DO THE HOMEWORK, STILL COME IN.

So I guess that settles it. We’ll see you there?

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