If the future is Indigenous, what does that look like? Levi Nelson’s latest work asks a beautiful question

Levi Nelson, Digital Indigenous, 2020. 30 x 22.5 inches. Acrylic on Arches paper

Shares artist Levi Nelson, viahttps://www.facebook.com/levi.nelson.7315:

“Indigenous Futurism is a term coined by Dr. Grace Dillon of Portland State University in which, as a thought experiment, places Indigenous people in a futuristic setting.

Indigenous futurism as a movement has since bled into the music, arts, and literature of Indigenous makers as a means to expand the universe of ancient knowledge systems suffused with the unlimited potential of future expansion through creativity.

So many avenues portray an ancient and historical idea of the Aboriginal, a so called vanishing race.

Colonialism uses their history of American Indians and Indigenous stereotypes as a weapon to keep us in the past.

If the future is Indigenous, what does that look like, considering our diverse views on what progress is?”

I have so many thoughts arising in response to this… Anyone else?

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