The flow of support

Local wellness providers are adapting to the lockdown – and at the same time, are also offering support for those most in need.

If you need support or an outlet, and are financially and emotionally strapped, here are some generous offerings from our local wellness community.

  1. Village Yoga offers Sunday night free karma yoga classes, via Zoom at 7:15. Follow their instagram account for details and codes.
  2. Natalie Rousseau is offering spaces in her Nov-Dec Mindfulness Circle, or her Movement Meditation class if that is your preference, for free for those who are currently depleted, struggling or challenged. See:
  3. Susan Reifer teaches a free meditation class via the Whistler Public Library, and the next one is November 18. Sign up here:

If you currently are well-resourced and have means, this might be a great time to give support, grab a membership, pay for an online class.

  1. Village Yoga offer a $40 unlimited pass for November 7-23, so you can attend any of their live/zoom yoga classes:

Natalie is offering Wednesday morning movement and meditation sessions, from Nov 18th – Dec 16th 2020. Go to for more info. ($50 for a 5 class pass, or $12 drop-in.)

In our Sharing Circle, we have encountered the idea of reciprocity and generosity – that being able to give and receive is important – and a powerful shift from taking, taking, taking. Get into this flow – let it be a kind of dance, respond to the invitation or the call of where you at. Everything ebbs and flows. We don’t have to be defined by a moment when we find ourselves in need, or a moment when we have an ability to give. Give, receive, ebb, flow, hold each other up. Support can be like that.

We’re happy to update this listing to add offers or invitations from any other local wellness providers. Drop me a note at

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