Learning about plants with Saopalaz Lucille Joseph


We are on the Territory of The Lil’wat People, the Ucwalmicw Tmicw, people of the land, who are one with the land. Saopalaz Lucille Joseph speaks a little about what that means.

Local teacher Tanina Williams made this video through her work at Spring Creek Community School, featuring her teacher, her mom, who is a knowledge keeper of plant medicine in Lil’wat Nation. Saopalaz talks about the importance of the plants in your local area.

In a recent video/podcast I listened to, people asked the indigenous author and botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer how non-indigenous people can develop relationships and honour the land where they are settled. Robin explained that she appreciates the question – the humility of acknowledging what we don’t know, and asking how to approach things – and suggested that the Honourable Harvest is a good place to begin. 

You can watch the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=234708851137347&ref=watch_permalink or listen via podcast. 


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