Making Spirits Bright – put a Christmas concert on your calendar because kids embody the magic of the season

There was a point during Signal Hill Elementary School’s Xmas concert that I got all choked up and on verge of weeping – my kid wasn’t even on stage at that point and it had nothing to do with the fact we nearly didn’t make it there, (the six year old having  arrived home from school in such a state – triggered by being asked to carry his backpack inside – that he came undone by the fact there was not a banana in the house and refused to attend. 7 pieces of toast later, (as a friend later said, the hanger is real), we were off to the races, Christmas-concert boycotts forgotten.)

It wasn’t that that choked me up. (Most days, most deadlines or appointments, for any parent, is a fraught negotiation, amirite?)

It was quite simply all the kids. The sincerity of them. The utter unselfconsciousness of them. The range of personalities- the skinny ones who look as if a stiff breeze would blow them away; the ones concentrating so hard to get the moves right; the ones with big smiles; the ones rocking out quite clearly to their own unstoppable beat; the ones who looked as if they were going to be swallowed up or more to the point, wished they would be.

A friend once posted a picture of her grown-older-now daughters, back when they were five, six, seven, with the comment that she wished she could have bottled some of their magical essence from back then. It was just pure.

That’s why I think you oughta consider putting the Making Spirits Bright dance recital, presented on Sunday 22 December, by the Pemberton Dance Studio, on your calendar. Even if your kids aren’t in it. Because it will be like watching glitter spray around you, it will be the kind of real-time wonder that isn’t perfectly posed catalogue kids but earnest, shy, hilarious, sincere small humans radiating the very essence of themselves in an offering to make spirits bright.

The dancers, of all ages and dance styles, have been practicing for over two months, to transport you.

Come watch them! This will be a family-friendly and free event for our community. Popcorn and hot chocolate will be sold by the dance team too.


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