Honour the dark. Happy solstice

Solstice, as the true tipping point between the old year and the new, is a time for revisiting, celebrating and releasing the past year, and setting our intentions for the year ahead. Intentions which we bring into consciousness along with the return of the light, and feed and nourish as the returning light feeds and nourishes us, and the land we depend upon. ~ Sharon Blackie


I have a tradition. A few years ago, I interviewed a performance psychologist, and when he mentioned his fantastic business partner, I followed the trail of crumbs to her website and discovered that she offers a free annual planner. I’ve downloaded it every year for the last 4… some years, I don’t finish it all. But the prompts to reflect on the year past, and conjure up my dreams and hopes for the year to come, have been one of my favourite “festive” activities. (Confession: I skew Grinchy. So there’s not a lot of competition…)

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.33.48 AM

That said, I have come to appreciate why I’m so lured to this planner and this process… it’s deeply resonant for this time of the year, this turning of the year, the “true tipping point between the old year and the new”, as Sharon Blackie, teacher of myth, says.

Also, a bonus: I have found that time is flying, in an out-of-control, stomach-dropping kind of fashion. Is this being 44? It’s only going to speed up even more… I figure. Sitting and reflecting, purposefully looking through my dayplanner or oer a year’s worth of instagram posts, helps me revisit the year, recount the celebrations, the challenges, and appreciate how much I accomplished. (I track good conversations, gym dates, books read, and lunches or coffees with friends as accomplishments. They’re all hard to fit in, when you have a family and work obligations… so I love getting to the end of the year and thinking, wowee! I read a dozen books! I never felt as though I had enough reading time, but actually, I did squeeze some in… It anchors a gratitude practice, to be able to see how much I did get to do, even if in the daily grind, I feel scarcity whispering dark thoughts in my ears…)

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.33.35 AM

Anyway. There are so many ways that I appreciate this little ritual. It’s such a great way to hold space to think about your desires and wishes… especially at a time of year when we can get very swept up in serving everyone else’s desires and wishes and projected needs… what would happen if we stopped and asked, ourselves and each other… “what would you like most this holiday? What would you like most next year?”

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 11.33.20 AM

Here’s the link, if you’re inclined to adopt it, or adapt it, for yourself. (You might end up on her mailing list, but otherwise, it’s free.)


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