Logging underway at the Spel’kumtn Community Forest, via MacKenzie Basin Road

The Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest (SCF) will be conducting harvesting operations in the Mackenzie area over the next couple of months.

Heavy machinery and equipment will be using the Mackenzie FSR.

If you are currently using the trails in the area please respect all posted signage and refrain from parking on the FSR as not to obstruct vehicles and equipment.

A “Do not Enter” sign has been posted at the start of the Mackenzie Basin road, this sign is in reference to “Do not enter active logging areas”.

The FSR will be plowed but will likely require chains / 4×4 to access safely.

PORCA has reviewed harvesting plans with the SCF and current harvesting plans will not effect any existing trail areas.

Continuing information on harvesting activities will be posted to members as the operation progresses.

For more information on the The Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest please visit: https://www.pemberton.ca/…/spel-ku-mtn-community-forest

Questions from concerned tree lovers about the Community Forest and how the current climate emergency and recent extreme weather events might inform the harvesting plan have been posed to the Village of Pemberton Council and will be considered at the Council meeting tonight, at Feb.1, 5:30 to 6pm by Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82770868091

The Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest (SCF) landbase encompasses 17,727 hectares (ha) of land around the Village of Pemberton and Mount Currie communities. The lands are entirely within the Lil’wat Nation Traditional Territory.

A partnership between the Lil’wat Nation and the Village of Pemberton, the SCF is designed to promote reconciliation, increase community benefits from local resources and local voice in the management of the surrounding forest.

The mission of Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest is to operate a safe, profitable and sustainable community forest. The community forest will be managed for environmental, social and economic values while taking into consideration the desires of its member and neighbouring communities.

A Community Forest Agreement (CFA) between the Province, Lil͛wat Nation and Village of Pemberton, was signed in September 2020, for a period of 25 years with the option to extend.

A CFA is an area-based forest tenure managed by a local government, community group, First Nation or community-held corporation, for the benefit of the entire community. Through a CFA the province transfers decision-making to communities that have a desire to have a greater influence and participate in the stewardship of their local landbase.

In addition to the Community Forest Agreement, a Forest Stewardship Plan and Management Plan for the SCF have been approved, with an Annual Allowable Cut (timber harvest) of 11,000 cubic metres (this equates to about 20-22 ha/year).

The Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest is currently governed by an Interim Board. The formation of a permanent Board is expected to take place in 2021 with the appointment of two new members from the Pemberton and Lil’wat communities.

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