Vision Boards for 2020 – opportunities

Last year, I went on a vision board making kick. Out of nowhere, I suddenly found myself cutting and pasting and clipping and collaging and what made it fun was the social, the letting go, the holding space to wonder what images spoke to me and what they might add up to, if I gave them a little room… And a year later, what made it fun is reflecting on the year and how some of the images or words I chose have this greater resonance. Now, having attempted a small amount of decluttering, I have a mountain of magazines that I should just recycle, but I won’t until I’ve HAD AT THEM, and flicked through to make my 2020 vision board.

Vision boards are a common coaching tool, and there are facilitated offerings available.

  • Register with the DreamMakers Literacy Coalition for a free January 11 workshop.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.34.42 PM


You can also organize your own. (If experimenting with sobriety is part of your 2020 mission, why not have a vision board session in lieu of a New year’s Eve party?)

I was deeply moved by the obituary written by Andrew Nikiforuk of the late ecologist Buzz Holling:

Holling thought there was only one way to approach the growing volatility and unpredictability of faltering economic empires and dying ecosystems. “One cannot predict what the future holds,” he often said.

As a consequence, he felt people had no choice “but to act inventively and exuberantly” by creating experiments and adventures in different ways of living.  [Tyee]


Any tool we can reach for, that helps us to act inventively and exuberantly, in my opinion, is well worth embracing, and incorporating into our routines and our gatherings.

If you do craft a vision board, and are open to sharing it, we’d love to create a gallery. How better to manifest a vision than to confess it, publish it, share it, own up to it… invite others to help co-create it.

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