Winterfest: a free family New Year’s Eve celebration

Did you know that Winterfest has evolved into our community’s free family New Year’s Eve celebration, from its roots as a pre-2010-Olympics event?

Once upon a time, the province handed out money to communities to build their Olympic spirit. The money dried up when the Olympics moved on to its next location, but the volunteers at the helm of the Pemberton Winterfest Committee stayed on, and with the support of the Village of Pemberton and SLRD Area C and a handful of local business sponsors, they continued to produce winter gatherings to help us get out of our houses, or come down off the ski hill, and get together to celebrate living in this lovely place we are privileged to call home.

It is conceivable that they are the only remaining Spirit of BC Committee in operation. It is also conceivable that we’re the only community in BC with a giant mirror ball…

When winter became too fickle to rely on as a co-programmer (is it going to snow? is the lake going to freeze?), the programming team, led by Winterfest Committee Chair and event organizer extraordinaire (with the support of every generation of her family! and her stalwart Committee, including Shirley Henry, James Linklater, Kirk Becker, Rob Meilleur, Griz and Daniel Cindric) shifted to New Year’s Eve to fill a gap and offer something for young families to do to usher in the New Year.

Thanks to these awesome community volunteers, Winterfest returns December 31 to the Pemberton Community Centre with old favourites and new, including a dance class with Hayley, Ira Pettle, fireworks, the Cheesebox Photo booth, a performance by Treeline Aerial, ‘smores and more.

It’s all happening on Tuesday December 31 between 2pm and 8pm.


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