The Wellness Almanac’s Top Posts of 2014

I’m neither a tea-leaves reader nor a sleuth, so I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from 2014’s most popular posts (not including the perennially beloved recipes for lemony lentil soup, banana tiramisu and spaghetti squash gratin, or visits to our About page, contributors bios or the nominations form for the Wellness recognition awards).

Maybe: there are many pathways to wellness, and we’re here to encourage you where the trail might take you. (And would love to hear about it.)

I offer them here for you, as a quick recap of the 10 most read stories of 2014, to ensure that you have your water cooler fodder, or can bug your buddy at the cafe…  “hey, you read that thing about hydrating, didn’t you?”


1. Wellness: Drink Water

Feed your fascia (the magical goop that your muscles are encased in) by keeping the fluid intake up. Especially in the morning. (And no, coffee doesn’t count.)

Squamish physiotherapist and Rolfer, Paul Sherman, explains:

“a dehydrated fascial system leaves you feeling stiff, achy and tired. Dehydration causes fascia to become tight and prone to microtears. When the fascia is too tight it essentially shrink-wraps the muscle. This extra pressure keeps the muscle from being able to contract fully, rendering it weaker. If you drink more water earlier in the day, that will provide the maximum lubrication for your fascia when you are active and need it the most.”

2. The Vitality Project: Carlee Cindric

Vitality chaser, event organiser and energiser bunny, Carlee Cindric joined a host of folk who shared their take on vitality, with this:

It’s the feeling I get when I’m dancing like crazy – with my whole body and mind – to my favourite song.  I continually chase after it, I want to share it with others, instill it in my children and become it.


3. Work in Progress: Polek Rybczynski 

The Photo-a-Day guy shared his favourite way to recharge creatively:

I sit down, close my eyes and observe. This then tends to inspire/nudge me  to go into the forest, an ocean or up onto a mountain peak. I get nudges to read certain books or texts too.


Polek Rybcynski Valley of Light

4. Trailwatch new column by Tracy Napier kicked off riding season, with a list of all the new trails and initiative to get excited about. Did you ride them all this year? Might still be time. Reports are, there are still mountain bikers in them there hills…

One Mile Park has several new routes off of Overhill, and a great new climb up to Lumpy’s and Pioneer called News Flash. Pacific is a new descent above the Creekside neighbourhood that goes off of the old climb for Squirrel Boy. And in the Benchlands neighbourhood there’s a brand new climb called Smoky Tickler that goes up to the left just before the gate by the CBC tower and descends as Fat Tug. 


5. Shout Out to Pacific Coach 

Tanya Richman kicked off the New Year, sharing a story that shows just how effective it can be to take the time to thank someone for helping you out. Kindness is strangely self-fulfilling. Try it?

6. An Invitation to Join the 50 day Wellness Challenge

On October 5, we launched the 50 Day Wellness Challenge. Missed it? Don’t worry. It will be back in 2015.

7. Ruben’s debut Photo

We rounded out our Photo of the Week crew with our youngest contributor ever, 14 year old Ruben Guibert. His first photo made an impression and it was definitely not a fluke.

Dandelions and Ruben's debut. April 27 2014. Ruben Guibert.

Dandelions and Ruben’s debut. April 27 2014. Ruben Guibert.

8. Laura’s 50 Day Wellness Challenge Manifesto 

You’d think a yogi would be flexible. But motherhood requires a kind of flexibility (think adaptability) that even 200 hour teacher training can’t prepare oneself for. This new mama acknowledged how she changed her approach to fitness, after her little one arrived to shake up her life, tackled the 50 Day Challenge with gusto, then reported out on the good, bad and ugly. (PS If you’re thinking about rethinking sugar, check out her post.)

My manifesto for healthy living? Adjust… Having a young one keeps you on your toes with changing your plans, to keep the little one happy. For me, it meant staying motivated and taking the workout outside where my toddler can be as loud as she wants, and is usually much happier.

9. Wellness Photo gallery

Thanks to Gary Martin’s lensmanship and compassionate eye, (dude rode his bike between the two community centres every day, rain rain and rain, to create a metaphorical bridge, as his 50 Day Wellness Challenge), we were able to share a gallery from the 5th Wellness Gathering straight after the event. It’s a glimpse of wellness in our communities, and some remarkable wellness champions from all walks of life.

Gathering gallery

10. Faces of the Farmers Market Hiroko Takaya 

As part of a weekly summer series introducing Pemberton Farmers Market vendors, we met Hiroko Takaya, a willow basket maker gardener and herbalist who shared a recipe for herb rub.

Dried herb mix for soup, roast, fish, dressing and more!
dry herbs (sage, rosemary, oregano, parsley, dill, basil, chive, celery, carrot and carrot top, stinging nettle,  whatever herbs available)
grind them togather and store in cool dark place.
-for roast-mix powdered herbs with bit of oil, minced garlic, salt, and pepper to make paste. Then rub on to the roast and put it in the oven or slow cooker


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