Laura’s 50 Day Wellness Challenge : A Manifesto for Healthy Living

This challenge looks different to me than what it would have looked like had I been asked to participate just over a year ago…

Then, I may have ignored the email inviting me to “jump in!” (pretending I never saw it), or felt it was too much to handle, or set a goal and not completed it. That was a time when leaving the house was the daily goal, taking a shower a triumphant accomplishment. Putting on my shirt right-side-out and it being clean felt like a good day to me! Energy depleted, hair dry, arms weak, mind a close second to Jello, eyes half closed, walk a striking resemblance to a zombie. Yes! That’s right – the “new mom look.”

Fast forward to when I read about the challenge – I was already a week into a new fitness routine, transitioning from a summer of SUP Yoga, paddling and biking to autumn and a short-time move to Kelowna. I’d found a YMCA Gym and Aquatics Center a short walk from our place here and got a pass on day one. Being very eager to take advantage of their 1 hour childcare program for mom & dads to get to workout, I dropped Indiana off in child care and jumped into a Power Fitness class only to be pulled out  not even 5 minutes into it as Indiana had already been “kicked out” – her cry was too intense in those first few minutes and they feared she may not stop. I totally understand and I obviously had no problem taking her back but I was disappointed that it meant I had to leave the gym, only 3 minutes into the work out… Good thing my goal wasn’t to work out at the gym everyday. This happened 3 more days the first week.

Adjust… Having a young one keeps you on your toes with changing your plans, to keep the little one happy. For me, it meant staying motivated and taking the workout outside where my toddler can be as loud as she wants, and is usually much happier. Then after the Jungle Gym, I push that stroller until she falls asleep, which makes for a great walk. The Pool also not only wipes her out completely but I wade around in some type of bum shuffle in knee deep water keeping both hands free to hold onto my little slippery fish. Awkward and exhausting so pretty much count that as if I had swam laps.


That takes me back to how this “50DayWellnessChallenge” didn’t feel like a challenge to me at this time in my life. We’re only just now starting sleep training. (Apparently it took me 16 months of lack of sleep to hit my “rock-bottom” … Am I tough, soft or just crazy, I’m not sure and it doesn’t even matter but I am there.) This challenge just happened to be during a time in my life when I am in the fitness groove! I’ve been able to finally create some “me” time (only took me a year to carve that out.) It’s all happening these days, a great little mix of fun things that are keeping me happy, healthy, outside, on the go and enjoying relaxing time too. I must say eating healthy really makes everything come together for me and able to have the energy to enjoy the activities be it Yoga, The Gym, Fitness Classes, Running, Walking, Playing, Swimming and carrying or chasing Indiana around.

It’s about a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle that lasts beyond your 50 days.

Take this challenge and embrace it in your life.

Be the role model for your kids so that even when you encounter challenging times in your life (like the miracle of having a baby but losing every ounce of time to yourself in the process) or when you can’t make it to your mat or the gym or the bike, you will always have the foundations for your healthy lifestyle pulling you back to the feeling of your heart pumping and sweat dripping.


Fall in love with an activity or sport so you’ll never want to stray for long from it.

Educate yourself so you can make healthy choices, more often not.

Turn the TV off, return to the great outdoors, walk instead of driving, eat less Gluten, avoid Sugar and eat more Veggies. Drink more water. You know it, just go out and do it one choice at a time. Set your wellness goal or make it Wellness for your Life, your whole life! It’s never too late to join the Wellness Challenge.



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