Throwback Thursday: That time Alex Wells blew my mind

I’d seen Alex on the cover of the Pique back when the Olympics came to town, but, embarrassingly, I didn’t even realise he was Lil’wat. His regalia seemed as if it belonged elsewhere, so I didn’t really register that he lived in my ‘hood. Then, at last year’s Wellness Gathering, I saw him perform for the first time. He was funny, charismatic, captivating. And that was just at the microphone. Then he started to dance, with hoops, adding one hoop after another and I slowly realised why he looked so ridiculously buff and came away thinking, this guy totally needs to win Favourite Local Athlete in the next Best of Pemberton. It was mind-blowing.

(Photos by Gary Martin from the 2013 Wellness Gathering. Save the date for this year’s celebration, November 22, at the Ullus Community Centre in downtown Mount Currie.)

WellnessGathering2013_15 WellnessGathering2013_16