The Vitality Project: Carlee Cindric





Carlee Cindric is a Pemberton-based events and wedding planner, runner, one half of the race operations brains behind the Whistler Half Marathon, dance instructor, mom to twins, and part of the team behind organising the Spud Run this year. In short, she’s pretty much the embodiment of the Energiser Bunny. So when I was reaching out to folk I knew on the secret to Vitality, Carlee was top of mind. Here’s what she shared.


Vitality to me is that super-charged almost over-the-top sense of feeling alive.


It’s a jam-packed ball of love, fun, laughter, and energy. It’s the feeling I get when I’m dancing like crazy – with my whole body and mind – to my favourite song. Or the perfect moment in time when everything beautiful and amazing collides and creates a super nova, heightened sense of reality. It turns a down, dark day into a rainbow day of awesomeness where nothing can go wrong. You feel invincible…on top of the world. It’s simply the best. I continually chase after it, I want to share it with others, instill it in my children and become it.

If you want a bit of that tap-dancing vibe to rub off on you, why not plan to join the annual Spud Run on Canada Day?



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