An Invitation: Join the #50DayWellnessChallenge

The Winds of Change’s 5th Annual Wellness gathering is set for November 22. That’s about 50 days away.


To help spread the word, and get people in our community thinking about Wellness, what it means, and how many different paths there are to it, I wanted to invite people to take on a #50DayWellnessChallenge.

Call it dryland training, (Opening Day is 56 days away!), pre-winter strength training, an opportunity to drink a glass of water every day a little more mindfully, or to set a big hairy audacious goal and start ticking your way towards it. A commitment to NOT doing something… Whatever. Works. For. You.

I’d just like to invite you to take on a challenge yourself, and own it publicly, on facebook, and thereby help us countdown to the November 22 Wellness Gathering.

(Technically, today is Day 2. But don’t let that stop you from starting. As Goethe said: Begin it now.)

Throw the invitation out to other people, too.

Then share an update daily-ish, photo, comment, whatever, as your status.

If we use the tag #50DayWellnessChallenge and tag our Facebook page @WindsofChange, (or on twitter @Winds4Change, and instagram @wellnessalmanac) it will hopefully help seed a wellness uprising in Pemberton/Mt Currie, and get us all through the shoulder season when we most need a boost of vitality and inspiration.

And possibly, just possibly, it might remind us all that Wellness, and the Winds of Change, is basically all of us, looking out for one another, and asking on a semi-regular basis, “So, how are you? Where you at?”


PS For inspiration, here are a few ways that people have started their #50DayWellnessChallenge: daily chin-ups, yoga,  handstands, meditation, dog walks and ski film premiere-attending… What’s your pathway to wellness?

My challenge is 50 days of mindful brain goodness which could include an activity (hike, bike, walk, run, SUP etc.), learning, laughter, discovering, exploring, etc., along with a photograph of what that goodness may be or mean to me. BF

I started a To Do list at the beginning of the summer and some items did not get done so I’m going to try and get the rest of them completed in the next 49 days. Today I tackled two of them! I did a thorough cleaning of my place from top to bottom. Like vacuuming the mattress and couch and cleaning the tops of the kitchen cabinets kind of cleaning. I also started transplanting the raspberry bushes into rows. Four rows down, still lots to do, but it’s looking great. A very productive day and some physically activity to boot! KT

A 16km round trip from the Pemberton Community Centre to the Ullus Community Complex. Going to be a fun 50 day, 800km journey connecting communities and enjoying what is a pretty awesome ride, which if anyone would like to join me on you’re more than welcome to. GM

I will be doing something physically active everyday for the #50dayWellnessChallenge. That means walking, hitting the gym, hiking, biking, swimming, you name it. CC

My path will be side stretches (you know, arm over head and bend to the side) and waist twists (hmm…turn side to side at the waist). No pictures for two reasons. No one to take pix of me doing it, and I was only half dressed for the day when I was doing them! LOL. RD


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