Shout Out: Pacific Coach and a great start to 2014!

A Shout Out for the New Year:

On December 8th, my son and his uncle took Pacific Coach Lines (PCL) from Vancouver to Whistler after a hockey game. My son Oliver is 9 years old and was pretty sleepy by the time they arrived in Whistler. He left his Vancouver #1 finger on the bus.

Mid-December, I’m shopping in Whistler and decide to stop in at the Info Centre on the off chance that PCL has a Lost and Found. The young ladies behind the counter were very helpful and called PCL for me. I spoke with PCL and they said they’d have a look. I mentioned that it was not a big deal but just thought I’d follow up in case it was sitting somewhere in a lost and found.

I arrived home after shopping and received a phone call from PCL – they had sent a company-wide email looking for it, called the cleaning company and called the driver. To no avail. I thanked them for all their efforts.

I was really impressed with the level of customer service from PCL so I looked up their mailing address and Oliver and I sent them a card thanking them for doing such a thorough job looking for the lost finger and wishing them the best in 2014.

Last week I received a call from PCL to thank me for the card. The management team was chuffed to receive a card and impressed that Oliver had written his bit of thanks in it as well. The end result was that a PCL staff member was going to the game that night and look at what they bought for Oliver!


As you can see, he’s pretty happy!

So a big shout out for Pacific Coach Lines –the Whister Info booth ticket sales people, the agent on the phone, the office staff who followed up, the driver who brought it up to Whistler, Lynda Ottnad who picked up the finger (I hope it was a good game!), and Darian Tooley from the PCL management team. My only regret is that I didn’t keep track of names so that I could mention all involved.

2014 is off to a generous start!

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