Silent auction up until December 12 to support the Whistler Pemberton Gymnastics Club

Last year I made a fun but unsuccessful attempt to bake a Christmas cake. (Respect, dear Nanny. I never appreciated how skilful and tireless you were. Your cakes were always amazing.)

This year, I diverted the dollars that would have gone into dried fruit (serious dollars, yikes), to the bake sale hosted by the Whistler-Pemberton Gymnastics Club, at the Christmas Bazaar.

I thought I was supplying my household for at least a week, but as it turned out, everything was so delicious, it just powered our weekend.

But my overarching impression of the experience was of a crew of young women who are impressive and working very hard to achieve their goal, of participating as part of the “Sea to Sky Performance Team” at the 2023 World Gymnaestrada, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 30-Aug 5, 2023.

Their online auction is live until December 12, and has a ton of impressive prizes to bid on – don’t miss your chance to support this crew and pick up something awesome.

Pemberton and Lil’wat athletes have a long history of doing our community proud, when they’ve ventured out to compete – from the dancers to the paddlers to the soccer players to the mountain bikers to the rodeo riders to the basketballers to the skiers and loppeters… this little community has always punched far above its weight and has sent impressive young humans out in the world to represent us. (Maybe that’s why everyone wants to live here?)

These gymnasts are set to make an equally amazing impression, if their fundraising efforts are anything to go by, so show them some love and support, and place a few bids on some fantastic things at the link:

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