Shout out to Santa PAWS

The annual Santa PAWS fundraiser for Pemberton Animal Wellbeing Society has been one of my favourite events, since I had a kid. The amazing people who power PAWS, our own animal rescue shelter, rely entirely on donations provided by the community, and dedicated volunteers to keep it going. And this event, which has been on hiatus since COVID, returned this year, on November 19 effectively kicking off the festive season, with a new venue, North Arm Farm, and a new photographer, Kelly Cosgrove, offering her energy and time to take incredible family portraits with Santa – family including, of course, the fur-babies.

You can find the photos at Scroll through and decide – who is more cooperative, in general? Children or dogs?

It’s a gallery of love — full of crying terrified babies, ugly sweaters, beautiful humans, and even a few cats.

And honestly, if you’re having a Grinchy moment, (don’t we all), take a browse through. There are a few pics in there guaranteed to melt the hardest heart.

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