What lurks on the bottom of the lake? And can you make art from it?

Artists from North Vancouver to Pemberton have been selected to represent their local arts councils and take trash collected by volunteer divers and turn it into treasured art pieces. On December 11, at the Cheakamus Centre in Squamish, Trash to Treasure: Artist Materials Unveiling will put the discarded items recovered by Diving In teams on display, providing an opportunity for artists to assess materials they will work with.

Joe Sauve Metal Works is the Pemberton artist taking part. His vision is to create an original wall mounted sculpture out of the trash removed from Pemberton and Sea to Sky waterways.

A Joe Sauve Metal Works piece.

Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans is an environmental art campaign that aims to raise awareness of the waste in our lakes and oceans by transforming collected trash into beautiful art. The campaign will be run in collaboration by the Sea to Sky Arts Council Alliance (Pemberton Arts Council, Arts Whistler, the Squamish Arts Council, Lions Bay Arts, The Hearth Arts on Bowen), West Vancouver Arts Council, and North Van Arts. The art council collective will be working with volunteer divers from Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans (DCLO), Return-It, local artists, and school groups.

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