From all the threads that surround you today, may you weave together something that will keep you warm and safe

Leslie's instagram of WEAVER poem.png

My friend Leslie Anthony, who describes himself on his instagram profile as a “half-decent writer, failed surfer, secret scientist, unrepentant skier, frisbee aficionado and iPhone sixtagrammer”, is actually a brilliant writer, an amazing editor, and a bush-bashing biophiliac and friend to all snakes, who answers my smart-like-dump-truck questions about snakes with enduring grace and infinite patience.

He recently visited the Museum of Anthroplogy’s “The Fabric of Our Land” exhibit, and this post struck me as incredibly beautiful and worth meditating on.

So, on this day, I offer it up.

May you, too, weave something sweet out of all the threads you have to work with today, and every day.

Here’s to the weavers. And the sacred stillness of the moment.