Sam McKoy on the role of dads, the backcountry and going self-propelled play in wellness

We’re back with another guest post by Sam McKoy as part of our series recapping his instagram takeover.

Sam McKoy's dad skinning up.png

This is a photo of my dad following me up the mountainside of Rohr on the Duffey Lake Road. .
We’re pretty lucky living in Pemberton. I think we have potential to be one of the worlds top backcountry recreational destinations. Right now tourism in the town has focused on festivals, the beautiful farms, snowmobiling, etc. But as more people get outside, I think eyes are starting to open. I’ve had the privilege of exploring tons of the terrain around Pemberton, and there is so much still to discover. Getting to bring my dad is a real treat. .
I want to focus on the healthy lifestyle that comes with self-propelled outdoor recreation. Did you know that doctors in Japan now prescribe forest walks as a means of aiding mental health? The health benefits of walking, hiking, skiing, biking, mountaineering, paddling, etc. go without saying when we consider the physical side. However, I think we often forget that there are tons of mental benefits in going outside and spending time in nature. Whether it’s reducing stress or hormonal/chemical shifts incurred through being outside, or sleeping better as a result of heavy activity, I think we could all do with a bit more outdoor recreation in our lives.
My dad played a huge role in sharing the backcountry with me when I was younger, and now I drag him out on adventures. To celebrate what he did for me in my formative year, I’m going to share 3 photos today of this badass father. I hope he inspires you to get outside.

Sam McKoy's dad part 2

In this photo my dad (Tom) takes the final few step to gain the ridge crest in the Texas Creek area. These mountains surround the Stein Valley between Pemberton and Lillooet #adventurebeginshere

Sam McKoy's dad part 3

Here Mr. McKoy pushes his way across a glacier as we ski the Spearhead Traverse linking Whistler and Blackcomb. After decades living in the area, I had the opportunity to be on my dad’s first traverse of the Spearhead range.


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