Wellness is a healthy planet: Sam McKoy reminds us that the biosphere is kinda critical to our wellbeing

Guest post by Sam McKoy.

Sam McKoy photo of Garibaldi

I’m going to use this photo to talk about environment. This picture is of Garibaldi from Gentian Ridge in Garibaldi Park. An incredible summer hiking area.
When considering wellness, I think many often focus on nutrition. Sourcing non-gmo, organic food, balanced nutrients, etc. But let’s take a step back further and think about what it is that supports us? Our environment is a collection of landscapes that support us in various shapes and forms. Whether it’s water filtration, oxygen supply, salmon, giant cedars, or crops of grain. However, today’s civilization, for all its merit has build an extractive economy that put the landscapes that make up our environment in peril. Conservation areas are small attempts at slowing the curb and protecting the environment, but these are often small islands that often act to assuade anxieties without keeping our ecosystems healthy. .
Whether it be dams and dikes, deforestation, fisheries, mines, roads, houses, humans of todays age have been quick to modify the environment around us. The difference is that in the last few hundred years, human populations have exponentially increased by the billions, and so has development and the level of extraction. There is a crisis out there. We focus on climate change but that’s only a small piece of the issue. I don’t mean to preach but we need to think about the wellness of the areas that support us if we want to be thinking about our wellness. To bite the hand that feeds is unwise. Environmental issues are not just for environmentalists, our environment after all is what supports everyone every species on this planet, us included. So before investing all that money in supplements and vitamin pills, think about what you can do to support the ecosystems that provide for us. A healthy and wealthy biosphere makes us healthy and wealthy.

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