Friends, even on a powder day: wellness secrets with Sam McKoy

Guest post by Sam McKoy.

Jeff van Driel captured by Sam McKoy

If we want to talk about wellness, friends play a huge role. Having people in your life to spend time in the mountains with, chat to, support you in time of need, share stories, etc. is really important to wellness.
I spend much time away from home but as a result, I’ve had the opportunity to meet great people all over the place. This includes Pembertonian Jeff Van Driel highlighted in this photo. This is a photo of ice climbing near Pemberton last winter. Friends have been there for me in more ways than one and I feel super grateful for all the people who’ve had an impact on my life, big or small. When spending time in the mountains, it’s hard not to have friends. You need people with you in crevassed or avalanche terrain. I’ve had a lot of great fireside chats late at night on expeditions and the friends who I’ve shared these with have made it all worthwhile.

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