Craft Nights land at the Library

Three things I am compelled to share with you today:

  1. The Pemberton and District Library is awesome.

If you do not know this, or have not encountered the facility and its staff, may I suggest you pop by (take a mask, you don’t need to show a vaccine passport, but you will need a mask), and say hello. Say “I’ve never been in to the library before, could you please tell me what makes this the most awesome library in the universe?” (If they look at you weirdly, mention my name. I’m okay with that. Say, Lisa told me to ask. It might be delusional or narcissism on my part, but I imagine them saying, oh yes, Lisa, the one who always borrows more than she’s technically allowed to, and wants to chat for hours and is learning to knit here with us every Wednesday night and is a superfan, or they might say, WHO? because I suspect they probably treat everyone as if they’re part of the family.) Anyway. That’s the first thing.

2. Thing two. You can sign up for the library’s monthly newsletter, and get first scoop on new books, new DVDs, and cool events coming up. Then you won’t even need to read this post any further, because what comes next, you’ll already know about (and have signed up for.) NEW, since I signed up, and which I’ve now added to my subscription list: you can also sign up for the Library’s Community Book club newsletter, AND the Library’s Community PODCAST newsletter. These times we have been through, COVID-blah-blah, have been terribly isolating. Community is the medicine, I believe. Curated community. You don’t have to adopt everyone. That doesn’t make you anti-community. But to find your people, or some people, or any people, we do need to leave our houses. Meet another new parent, meet another podcast aficionado, meet a fellow kindred while learning to knit… I find the library to be a lovely halfway house, between home, and OUT THERE. Always have. Never been let down by the Pemberton Library, in my 20-something years living here. (See Thing 1.)

3. And now, for the headline making thing. The Library, in partnership with the Pemberton Multicultural Network, is presenting CRAFT NIGHTS. In November, you can learn about wool-weaving with Tanina Williams or sand painting with Clea Thomas! Sign up. Spaces are limited.

Sometimes, the things that stops us trying something new, is not having someone to do it with. I think that’s what is so lovely about doing something through the library…. you don’t have to. And you might meet someone you want to do other things with. Isn’t life beautiful like that?

Check out the first Craft Night at and register for one of the spots at

About the workshop:

Tanina will be teaching the basics of traditional wool weaving. Space is limited! Registration is required! 

About Tanina:
I’m from Lil’wat Nation and the Mountain that I see from my door is Ts’zil, Mount Currie, BC. I spent many days learning from my Grandmothers Adelina and Rosie. Both were amazing storytellers. They knew that culture would save me.
My Grandma Rosie always used her hands and arms while telling a story. She had great facial expressions. I loved to watch her actions.
My Grandma Adelina would say things in stories that would embarrass you. She loved to get reactions from the people. To this day I don’t say the things the way she would have said them.
My Parents Ha7ya father/friend to all and Saopalaz mom/utilizer. My dad who is a teacher/rancher/pro bull rider is also an amazing storyteller and a fluent Ucwalmicwts speaker My mom knows plant medicine and makes crafts with cedar and leather.
I’ve been blessed to learn from them. They started me on a path to be a healer of our people and a healer of the broken relationship we have with Canada. I am a life long learner and love to share my learning with others. I’m a storyteller, wool weaver, drum maker, carver, and capable of producing leather clothing, cedar clothing, cedar work, circle protocol and proud bannok maker.

3 thoughts on “Craft Nights land at the Library

  1. finafunk says:

    Hi Lisa

    Sorry I missed seeing you last week at knitting! I had a crazy schedule with a work project, and worked pretty much every day to late… but would love to sign up for the weaving with Tanina but the link doesn’t go anywhere – and I couldn’t find it on the library calendar ??

    Thank you kindly,

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