Shout Out: Citizen of the Year, Karen Tomlinson

Pemberton Secondary School math and science teacher and Pemberton Canoe Club and Laoyam Eagles Dragonboat champion, Karen Tomlinson, was named Pemberton’s 2013 Citizen of the Year on January 31.
Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 12.12.56 PM
On twitter, @houseofmole, she champions the successes of local athletes, from the paddlers to the basketballers, right on the sidelines of the action.

Tomlinson was previously recognized in 2010 for promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Pemberton with a  Winds of Change Wellness Recognition Award, for her dedication to her students.

But it is for her work as Manager of the Laoyam Eagles Dragon Boat Team and secretary for the Pemberton Canoe Association that she was recognised as Citizen of the Year.

She’s described as a “fly under the radar” type person, but we asked friend and former colleague, Angela Stott-Gadd, to dish a little dirt. Here’s what she said:

“Tomlinson is the teacher who puts in countless hours of time to keep her room open to kids who need a quiet place to work, extra math and science help, or a clean microwave to heat their lunch. She has created very cool yearbooks for PSS, organized and managed numerous dragonboat trips, and dedicates many of her weekends to travelling south for basketball tournaments as the teacher supervisor. She works tirelessly to make sure things get done, and puts in a ridiculous amount of time for the Pemberton Canoe Club doing the little things that ‘just get done’ because of her. I admire her ability to build and maintain relationships with kids she works with in school and outside of school. She has high expectations of herself and works very hard to instill that in others through her actions and her commitment to the things she does.”

For a more in-depth interview with Karen Tomlinson, check out this profile on Choose Pemberton.
So, here’s to you, Ms Tomlinson. For all that you do.

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