Work in Progress: Bryn Hughes

Bryn Hughes is an award winning photographer based out of Pemberton B.C.. Bryn specializes in mountain sports, spending the past 15 plus years chasing snow in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres. He is currently a Senior Photographer for Freeskier Magazine and a regular contributor to snowsports magazines worldwide. This has earned him the Telus Pro Photographer Showdown People Choice award, a Powder Magazine Photo of the Year, a semi finalist in the Red Bull Illume and a World Photography Competition Award. Off the snow, his photographs have been showcased in publications and advertising campaigns around the world. Recently, he has worked with Salomon Freeski TV, Sherpas Cinema and Matchstick Productions, shooting throughout British Columbia and Alaska.

Check out his People’s Choice show from the Pro Photographer Showdown, below:

2011 Peoples Choice, Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown. from Bryn Hughes on Vimeo.


We asked him to tell us about this photograph for our latest installment of Work in Progress.


What inspired this work? 
I have always wanted to get a unique scenic shot of Mount Cayley, but the peaks are usually surrounded by clouds, and when the sun shines directly on Cayley, the light is usually too intense to show all the amazing features of the peaks. When this storm was clearing, it allowed a nice dark, moody scene with a filtered ambient light.

Where is this piece headed?

This piece was featured in the Mountain Life Photo Issue, that is on shelves right now. The print requests keep coming in for it. Between friends and clients it is proving to be a popular scenic print.

How do you hold space for, or make time for, your creative self? What’s your practice or creative routine?

During the winter months I am on an editorial contract as Senior Photographer with Freeskier Magazine, which is wide open for me to shoot anything I want, related to skiing. I choose my trips and athletes, some with film crews and others as me being the only creative on the shoot. The shoots where I have complete control are the ones that seem to provide me with the most opportunities for unique shots and to experiment with my photographic style.

How big an influence is this region, our backyard, the landscape and energy here, on your work?

This region is a huge influence, with epic mountainous features, skilled athletes and with so much competition in the photography industry, it makes you really think about getting a unique shot. The landscape and energy is limitless, energy from nature and the people that are involved with enjoying our backyard influence me in so many ways. The simplest shots from a point and shoot show the beauty and enjoyment the people have in these mountains… I just try to capture the same moments, with the same people, using a larger camera, with a slight twist to make it match my style.

What do you do to recharge your creative energy, if you’re feeling writers’/artists’ block?

I hate to admit it, but all the social media, and friends showing off how epic their days have been, with fantastic photos gets me excited to shoot more. I don’t really get an artists’ block, but if I am bored of shooting something, I grab my Hasselblad film camera, and go for a walk, shooting things I normally don’t shoot, slow down a bit, opening my eyes to things.

Where can people follow you, or discover more of your works?, on facebook, on instagram @bryndiesel, twitter, or my blog.

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