Work in Progress: The Round Up!

Look around. Everywhere we live, there is art, inviting us into a deeper correspondence with nature, culture, community.

That’s why one of our favourite columns has been the monthly Work in Progress feature.

So far, in our Work in Progress column, we’ve profiled:

Russell Dalby, photographer

Bryn Hughes, photographer

Jesse Fromowitz, flute-maker

Vanessa Stark, artist

Mike Tyler, carver and sculptor

Nevin Falloon, documentary filmmaker

Trish Belsham, poet

Simon Bedford, photographer.

All artists living and working in the region are invited to give us a sneak peek inside your studio or creative process.

Share with us your latest piece.

All works are welcome to be featured: paintings, poems, sculptures, carvings, weavings, photography, songs.

Here’s how to contribute. (Seriously, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Apart from creating the art, that is. But that’s what you do, right?!)

1. Take a photo of a recent work.
2. Attach it in an email to
3. Cut and paste the following questions into the email, and insert your own answers:

  1. Artist (Your) Name? (Or you can share a shy artist friend’s work, as long as you have their permission!)
  2. What inspired this work? (Anything specific? A deadline? A commission? An event? Something more personal?)
  3. Where is this piece headed? (Is it going to be sold/displayed/shared/gifted?)
  4. How do you hold space for, or make time for, your creative self? What’s your practice or creative routine?
  5. How big an influence is this region, our backyard, the landscape and energy here, on your work?
  6. What do you do to recharge your creative energy if you’re feeling writers/artists block?
  7. Where can people follow you, or discover more of your works? (Show coming up? Website? Gallery?)

Or send us a message via the comments section here, our twitter feed, facebook account, or gmail, and suggest a friend.

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