Work in Progress: Documentary Filmmaker Nevin Falloon

Featured this month in our Work in Progress column, we meet Nevin Falloon, a local filmmaker fresh from Cap U’s Documentary Film Program. He gives us a sneak peek into his studio, process and the inspiration he gets from our backyard, by sharing a recent work.

The Lazyboy – A Short Documentary on Alex Cairns from NPFilm on Vimeo.

1. Who are you?

My name is Nevin Falloon. I’m 19 years old and grew up in Pemberton BC. I have been filming and editing for about 3 years, but have only started taking it seriously the last year and a half.

Some other things I enjoy doing are skiing, skateboarding, surfing, and hanging out with my friends.

I graduated from the Documentary Film Program at Capilano University this year so I guess I am now a certified Documentary filmmaker.

My goal is to keep making documentaries about action sports or get into making ski films.

I have made 2 films so far and about 25 short edits.

I was a cinematographer in a 72hr filmmaker showdown entry this year and then I helped on a few other students documentaries at school.

2. What inspired you?

I got inspired to get into documentary film after I watched All.I.Can. It is an environmental documentary, but also an amazing ski movie. I’ve always liked documentaries, but that one is just mind-blowing. Then one of my friends took the Doc program the year before me and he really enjoyed it so I looked into it a bit and went for it. Some other films that inspired me are Riding Giants and The Bones Brigade an Autobiography.

3. Where is this piece headed?

I might enter the documentary I made into some film festivals later, but for now it’s on Vimeo for everyone to watch for free.

4. How do you hold space for, or make time for, your creative self? What’s your practice or creative routine?

Finding time to film is pretty easy because I’m usually skiing or skateboarding at the same time so it’s really fun. Editing takes a bit more motivation and finding time for it can be hard. I mostly do all my editing at night.

5. How big an influence is this region, our backyard, the landscape and energy here, on your work?

This area is a huge influence on my work. I love making ski edits and filming other sports like skateboarding and surfing. I don’t think I would even be filming if I didn’t grow up here.

6. What do you do to recharge your creative energy if you’re feeling artist’s block?

Like I said before the filming part is super easy for me to do because it is so much fun. Editing is where I get a lot of artist’s block. I can’t really edit very well if I’m not in the mood to do it. I get distracted easily and end up quitting pretty fast. To get over that I just leave it for a few days and then try again. Sometimes when I hear a good song that I can make an edit to I get in the mood right away and can often finish the edit that night or over the next couple days.

7. Where can people follow you, or discover more of your works?

All my videos are on my Vimeo Page:

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