Message for the Class of 2020, from Pemberton’s Mayor

To the Graduating Class of 2020,
I want to express a very heartfelt congratulations for having completed high school under VERY unique and challenging circumstances (to say the least).
Your year-end celebrations may not be what you envisioned. Your grad ceremony and prom are looking a lot different than the usual. Personally, I also feel like I’m missing out this year. I always look forward to (read: ‘heavily entertained by’) seeing you graduates excitedly sitting on the stage melting under the hot lights, fidgeting and trying SO hard to focus on the speeches.  The compounded energy and excitement in the room from the students and parents is always invigorating.
Make no mistake though, although we are not physically together in a room acknowledging this huge milestone, that celebratory spirit and excitement will not be stifled.
One thing is for sure, no one will ever forget the class of 2020! Just think, years from now you’ll be conversing with your friends about your most loved kitchen appliance or complaining about some failing body part while reminiscing about the ‘good ole days’. Your graduation will no doubt be a topic of discussion, and you will likely have the most unique graduation experience in the room.
As much as this is an unprecedented year for you, do not let your graduation experience define your years at Pemberton Secondary School. These incredible years are defined by the sports you played, the teammates who became friends, the drama performance you slayed, the weekend parties and the incredible teachers who set you up for future successes.
As you look toward the future, know that there are opportunities emerging everywhere. There are huge forces of change happening right now that will shape our world for the better. YOU and your fellow classmates are the driving force behind that change.  This fills me with hope for our future. I look forward to seeing your successes and the contributions you will make towards improving our communities, society and the world.
Parents and families, don’t forget this is YOUR celebration too.  All your hard work, perseverance and non-stop nagging has resulted in incredible and inspiring young adults. Now, to start picking out paint colours for that newly acquired spare bedroom!
Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the staff, administration and teachers who have adapted and modified their day-to-day over the last few months.  We see the effort, energy and passion you’ve invested in these kids over these last few months and years. We are grateful.
So here’s to the Class of 2020! You did it!  Be bold, be passionate, be involved.  Think big and inspire! Be the change and revolution that our world needs right now.
Kukwstum̓ckacw, merci, and thank you,

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