Is it time to wear a mask?


Lil’wat Nation shared this helpful infographic on their Facebook page this week. I was mostly excited to see Dr Henry’s guiding mantra translated into Ucwalmictws.

But it got me thinking… I’m behind the curve on mask-wearing. My sense is that it’s mostly a social signal, something you’d wear to signal to others that you take this seriously and want to be respectful. Dr Henry has also said that it’s particularly useful to wear when you’re in a confined space, and can’t easily maintain 2 metres between you and other people, and helps you contain any of your own vapour/breath. It has not been suggested that kids returning to school need a mask.

Starting June 15, though, passengers on BC Ferrieswill be required to wear face masks. You will be expected to bring your own. And you’ll be denied boarding if you don’t have one.

That said, I know the talent behind Pemberton’s Boomerang Bags initiative, Francis Dickinson has been sewing up a storm, and her masks are actually stylish.  She has been delivering batches to Stay Wild.  You can also order them online.

Edit (June 19!): Fran has also just dropped a selection for purchase at Lil’wat Gas Station.



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