Don’t let a great-horned Owl tickle you: birding update with John Tschopp

June 5, our local bird guru, John Tschopp, reports that he took advantage of phase 2 to hit the road and go bird spotting along the Thompson River, the day after the campsites opened. Waiting for his delight, a great-horned Owl that had chosen that deserted campground to raise its family.

“I’d like to draw your attention to the toes of the adult owl,” writes John. “No chance for a chicken or a cat to get away.”

June 2020 019

Great-Horned Owl. Photo by John Tschopp

June 2020 024

Great-horned owl. Photo by John Tschopp

June 2020 036

Great-horned owlets. Photo by John Tschopp


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