Summer reads, weekly staff picks and stories hidden in unlikely places: why our library rocks

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I love their weekly recommendations from staff –

Here’s Brennan’s first:
Reporter: a memoir by Seymour M. Hersh.
“Seymour Hersh is a legend. The man responsible for breaking stories like the My Lai massacre and the abuses of Abu Ghraib (along with scores of others) is the definition of a muckraking journalist. Early on in his career he learned the dangers of trading truth for access to power and the slippery slope it leads down. For more than 5 decades Hersh has made it his life’s work to tell uncomfortable truths about things the powerful would rather keep hidden away and in so doing inspired countless of today’s finest investigative reporters to challenge entrenched power, to the benefit of us all.”

If you’re looking for a good summer read, look no further than this list. (What I have come to appreciate dearly about our library is that they understand time-famine. When I scoop the shelves clean by grabbing everything on display, and apologise for not having raided the shelves myself, they say: that’s what it’s for.


And if you (or more particularly, your kids) are more the active type, and would rather be walking or riding, than lying in a hammock, the Library has your kind covered too, with a storybook walk recently installed around One Mile Lake. You might have covered that terrain a million times, but the chance to stop and read a book by guest author Jami Gigot as you roam will inject am boost of novelty and transport you to another place entirely. So good.


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