Instagrammers, we thank you for reminding us why this is home

A year ago I wrote that what I loved most about the Wellness Almanac’s instagram project is it gave my brain a chance to override it’s snap judgments and linger a while with people from my community. In their lives. In their shoes. And that brought me to a realization that I love them. A lot more than I’d known. I guess that’s the magic of vulnerability. When people let themselves shine through, and we see what lies beyond the surface, some great energy is exchanged. I think it’s love. Or the fuel for love.

Imagine if, instead of giving someone a split second, we gave them 10 minutes, a conversation, a week, the benefit of the doubt, the space we ourselves would like… Imagine how much more love there would be in this world, in this neighbourhood?

I’ve also loved the reminder that we are all so much more than one thing, one word, one identity. I couldn’t even try to summarize this group of people – that ranged from fresh high school students to community leaders. They’re all too many things to be reduced down to one.

Thank you to Paul Charron, Franny Moody, Anna Lengstrand, Rosanna Jim, Natalie McNamara, Pemberton Secondary School, with Krista Brynjolfson and Karen Tomlinson, Janet Ouchterlony, Frances Dickinson, the Child and Youth Mental Health & Substance Use (CYMH-SU) Pemberton Local Action Team. Graham Turner,Jaya Guibert, Casey Gabriel, Stu Armstrong, Riva Fisher, Tanya Richman, Rachael Low,  Corrine Stoltz-Orava ,Kiran Pal-Pross and Blair Kaplan for the Pemberton Refugee Resettlement Group, Arriya Kuiper, Dana Andrew, Lara Wall, Levi Nelson, Susan Medville for the Pemberton Arts Council,David Ward, Dr Nick Fisher and the team at Pemberton Medical Center, Dawn Johnson, Stewardship Pemberton, for the Pemberton Crabapple Project,Cathy Benns, Molli Reynolds, at the Pemberton Farmers market,Sara Westerholm, Dave Steers, Matt Prescott and Angela Bradbury, Casey Dick-Wyatt, Jordan Sturdy, Kat Weed, Natalie Langmann, Graham Murphy Construction, Oliver Richman, Kyle Peters, Sam McKoy, Sarinda Hoilett, Swúw’a Patrick, Brooke Carere and Kat Ast for saying yes, this year, and reminding me how rich and wonderful this community is.

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