Your health is in good hands, if this week’s takeover from the Pemberton Medical Clinic is any indication

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Happy BC Day everyone! Welcome to the Pemberton Medical Clinic takeover of the Wellness Almanac. Over the next week we will be sharing some photos documenting how we serve the communities in this area and introducing the staff who make up the team committed to providing excellent healthcare in this little corner of paradise we are fortunate enough to live in. As today is a stat holiday, the medical offices are closed, but Leah and Shandell are the nurses on call for emergencies and are members of the VCH nursing staff on site 08:30-20:30 and via call in 20:30-08:30 đź“ž 604-894-6633 They are backed up by a physician who is able to attend within 15 minutes, day or night. #PMCtakeover #wellnessalmanac #pembertonbc #ruralmedicine

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Rural communities everywhere struggle to get quality medical services and a dedicated staff of professionals. Luckily here in Pemberton, the Pemberton Medical Clinic is stacked with talented young staff, who also, in their spare time, host Toonie Races.

They also like flying around in helicopters.

But it’s not all fun, games, and casting practice…

They’re also working to understand what wellness means in different cultural contexts.

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