Natalie McNamara’s week on instagram


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Natalie McNamara shares her reflection on a week as the Wellness Almanac’s instagrammer, below.

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And, this is how some Mondays end. #hotwheels #natsweek

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Focusing our intention in on our own lives is pretty cool.  Posting photos of our weekly routines on a social media site like Instagram is an interesting experiment.  I was mindful of many things that I am not always quite as careful about when I post on Facebook.  I knew that people beyond my friend list would be checking in and decrypting how I live my life.

It was encouraging to be reminded that I love my life! It is full of ups and downs and choices that have to be made whether I want to make them or not, but overall it is great.

My family keeps me grounded. Sometimes when I feel like I am failing I try my best to look at all the positive things that we have to be grateful for in this life.  Watching the media stream can be so daunting right now, but then going for a walk in the fresh snow makes the worries seem a little less intimidating.

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The boys are off to enjoy the fresh stuff! #natsweek

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I thank the Wellness Almanac, Lisa Richardson and the whole team of Winds of Change participants for allowing us to focus on what it takes to be well.  It is a constantly evolving journey through rough spots and smooth sailing on other days.

Just to be clear, it is so important for all of us to experience all that life throws at us, good and bad, every thing that happens to us helps shape us into who we become.

My husband’s nickname for me is Natinator.  When I introduced myself on #thewellnessalmanac I completely forgot to put that name down.  And, really, that is the name I strive to be most like.  I love the idea of plowing my way though this life, striving to be better, be more aware, be more me.  Because, as the sign at the front of Kufuku fitness clearly states… “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.


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