Choose to be better, not bitter: Cathy Benns’ first step for wellness


Cathy Benns, registered massage therapist, gymnastics coach, mama, and co-founder of Growing Great Children spent a week at the helm of our instagram account. Here, she shares her reflection on the experience.

Doing the takeover was a thought provoking experience.

Sometimes we go about our lives making decisions though not always conscious, so to slow down, be present and really think about what I do to be well was enriching. I love the idea of focusing on positive things we do to create a healthy life, and I think our community is rich with like minded people to gather with and do healthy things together.

It is often an easy solution though, to just focus on positive things when trying to make changes in our lives. Especially BIG changes. Especially changing the things we “go to” when life is hard and challenging… yes, I am talking about addiction, addiction to alcohol, to drugs, to exercise, to food, to the world wide web.

I have seen this first hand, the way addiction can grip you and take over your life and turn you from who you know and wish yourself to be. I am the child of an alcoholic, I have lived and watched the rise and fall of the disease take control.

I decided to be better….not bitter, and I truly believe the path to being better is ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and honesty and taking a brave look at what you are responsible for, and what you are NOT.

And yes LOVE, unconditional love for yourself and your important relationships, this attachment roots us and makes us strong, and allows us to falter and rise again.


Cathy Benns

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Be you, the world needs you❤️

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"Hearts Shining". It has been 13 years since I taught my first gymnastics summer camp at the Pemberton Community Centre. "Superstar" Camp. Superstars in training were asked what they thought made up a "Superstar"… the thoroughness of the children's answer still make me smile today. They came up with many ideas like try your best, eat healthy, drink water, make your bed, be kind, help others, and let your heart shine. From that day forward I always use "Hearts Shining" as a way to stand when you are proud. Many of the kids in that camp are heading off to university and beyond this year. I hope their Hearts are Shining! (Thank you to my current gymnasts for showing off theirs)

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