Hug a farmer, baker, musician or maker today at the Farmers Market, from 3pm

Molli Reynolds has taken over the instagram account this week, to share a little more of her farm-fresh, oven-fresh love.

“To me, cooking seems more than an art and baking seems more than a science. May I call the culinary arts a form of alchemy? Turning beautiful ingredients into ‘gold’? Whatever the case, I am always grateful for our Pemberton Farmers’ Market ‘alchemists’ who bring delicious bread, pies, samosas, tacos, muffins, popsicles, cookies, jams, chutneys, ice cream sandwiches (not to mention wine!) and more to the market! I always appreciate that I don’t have to cook on Fridays and that I get to meet the people who dedicate themselves to testing new recipes and finding the most delicious ingredients.

It’s not just foods and arts one gets to enjoy at the market, live music is something we are also pleased to offer Friday afternoons.
I love seeing our customers sit down and relax, listening to whoever is playing that day. Or sometimes needs must that we jump up to dance a little jig… ”

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