Rain. Before and After. Polek Rybczynski captures the mood


The blood-orange sun for the first few days in September, when the smoke returned, brought a spooky Apocalyptic vibe.

Then the rain. Like a blessing. That allowed everything, including the brittle grass beneath my feet, to soften, relax, unfurl.


When your mood swings as wildly as the weather (as mine has been of late), it’s nice to be reminded of the power of a daily practice.

Polek Rybczynski has continued his photo journal practice at Sea to Sky photo journal, where these two photos have come from, and in it you can see the ebbs and flows and rhythms of things. It’s steadying. It helps me breathe through this moment, this flare-up of panic, despair, frustration, grief. And lean into the next. Because the rain always comes. It might seem impossible. But there’s a fundamental balance to things, a back and forth that is necessary for anything to be whole – give and take, wax and wane, yin and yang, in and out. The pendulum might be swinging wildly these days, to such extremes, but it will even out, it will settle, it will return to calm.

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