A couple of stories about phones




In early March of this year I picked up the phone to call a friend and wish him a happy birthday. I could have texted his cell but I like calling better when I have the opportunity, so off I went and dialed his home phone. Little did I know that my friend no longer had a land line so when the unfamiliar voice answered, a funny little conversation ensued. Now it’s not word for word, because let’s be honest, this was months ago and on a fairly regular basis I struggle to remember what I did yesterday, but I think you’ll appreciate the story none the less.

Her: Hello

Me: Hey!  I’m guessing that you’re the new owner of this number because you’re not at all who I was expecting to speak with.

Her: Oh, so you’re not calling about the movie work then?

Me: Um, No.  I’m calling my friend to wish him a happy birthday but clearly this is no longer his number.

Her: No it’s not.  It’s mine.  It’s funny you should reach me though because it’s my birthday too.

Me: Of course it is….

We go on to have a funny conversation about life and this uncanny occurrence and went our separate ways.  I spent half the day laughing at the randomness of this whole scenario and laughing even more as I was retelling my friend whose birthday it was that I had initially attempted to call in the first place.  I am always amazed at how small our community is, yet there are so many new people to connect with each day whether you meant to or not.



For what ever reason I seem to come across a lot of lost items, and more often than not, I am somehow able to manage to reunite the lost items with their owners.  Usually there is some grand adventure in getting the item back to the person, a new connection made, and a fun story to tell afterwards.  Like the time I found our new friend Dan’s skis: https://thewellnessalmanac.com/2015/06/10/parenting-an-ongoing-opportunity-to-lead-by-example/

Ever since the age of the cellphone has come upon us I have found numerous cellphones.  I’ve found them in convenient places like bathrooms, restaurants, parking lots, but the past two have been found on the ski hill, one during a huge snowstorm, and oddly enough both at the top of the Glacier Express Chair.  Back in the day it was much easier to return the phones to people because I could sleuth my way through to the information of the phone owner and/or their contacts and track them down that way.  Since the creation of passcodes, not quite as simple a process, but it would always sort itself out.

So when I was skiing with my son in March and he found a phone…. a) I wasn’t remotely surprised, and b) I’m thinking to myself….Cool another adventure to be had in lost item reunion.  Now my son was asking all the usual questions like “how will we find the owner, what will we do if we can’t find the owner, and when we take it to the cops after our ski day and if no one claims it, can we keep it?”  I responded with “pass it over to me, I’m positive we’ll find the owner and from the looks of the Spanish on the screen, I’m pretty sure they’re on vacation here from Mexico.”  I pocketed the phone in a part of my jacket where I could hear it ring and went about my ski day.  Occasionally I would pull the phone out of my pocket and have a look at it.  Messages and notifications were piling up, I’m guessing from the people looking for their ski buddies.  There was call after call and each time I checked the phone there were more, but the phone never rang.  Checking that the ringer was indeed on, I put the phone back in my pocket and skied a few more runs.  By this time it was early afternoon and having had enough of the crowds, I was getting ready to call it quits for the ski day.  Before I headed off, I needed to meet up with one of my sons who had gone off to do a run with his friend.  With a meeting spot of the Jersey Cream flats and a gorgeous sunny day, I hung out and waited, enjoying the scenery and the tunes being pumped out from the Glacier Creek patio.  I pulled out the phone again for one last hurrah when the following message came on the screen: This phone has been lost.  Please call me.  I’m like “yes”, in my head and hit the call button only to find out that the person can’t hear me and I end up hanging up a bit disappointed and hoping they will mysteriously send that message again (I’m sure it’s not really a mystery, probably like the find my iphone service, but a mystery for me ’cause I’ve never experienced it before).  Sure enough the screen pops back up with the number and before it can disappear on my I hit the button for speaker and wouldn’t you know it, they could finally hear me.  Victory.  I have a conversation with the phone owner who is in fact on vacation from Mexico and ecstatic that I’ve got their phone.  (People are seriously over the top crazy happy to be reunited with their phones).  I get the person to explain their whereabouts so I can direct them to where they can find me.  As the guy is trying to describe where he is I realize he’s in the line up for the Glacier Express chair, not a hundred feet away.  I tell him to stay there, put up his hands and wave and while he’s doing that, I ski over to where he’s conveniently in the singles line up and pass him the phone.  He further shared his gratitude and without missing a beat merged into his spot in the lift line, hopped on the chair and was off.  Just like that.  The son who I was waiting for showed up, I shared the good news and off we went….



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