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Earlier this winter, I read a facebook post by my neighbour, Janet Oucherterlony, and it stuck in my mind for several days. When we ran into each other at the Wellness Gathering, knowing that she’s been digging deep into her own personal wellness journey, I asked if she’d be willing to share her thoughts as a contributor on the blog. Happily, she said yes. Here’s the post that inspired me. Hope it inspires you too. Feel free to leave comments and thoughts below and welcome her to our roster. And if you feel so inspired to share your thoughts on wellness and what it means, on the ground, in the gravel of day to day life here in the Pemberton – Mt Currie region, let us know.

Janet OuchterlonyI was skiing with my son and husband in early January.

When we got back to our truck at the end of the day, we noticed a sweet pair of skis on the ground where the vehicle beside us had since left. The person that drove away without them couldn’t have left much earlier, but the skis were quickly getting buried in the snow. I picked up the skis and propped them up on a nearby concrete barrier. High enough so that if the owner came back they’d be able to see them, but out of the eye enough in hopes that they wouldn’t get taken by someone else.

906342_10152940783502254_7757073178551766877_oMy son Sean was asking me all about what I was doing and I explained to him that if we left the skis where they were, the skis would most surely either get wrecked by a snow plow or someone would drive over them and crush them since it was snowing like crazy. Sean inquired as to how the person might get them back. I said I’m not totally sure, but I have a really good feeling about this. My husband had seen the vehicle that had been parked there in this parking lot before, but it was not anyone we knew. Our hope was that the person lived in Whistler and would realize as soon as they got home, they would notice their skis were missing and drive back and get them.

We drove home to Pemberton to pick up our other son from a friend’s place and wouldn’t you know it, we spotted the vehicle that had been parked beside us in the ski lot.

I got out and knocked on the door of the house where it was parked. No answer. I left my name, number, and what would have been a seriously crazy sounding note, had I gotten the wrong door or person, and carried on with my day. A few hours later I got a phone call. Turns out, the person who left them, had no idea he forgot them and would never have known they were missing until the next day when he went to go skiing again.

He drove back to Whistler where he and his skis were reunited. (If that’s not the Universe conspiring I’m not sure what is.)

He was over the top excited to have them back and so grateful for our efforts. Turns out the skis were a gift from a friend who had passed away.

My son was so thrilled to hear the happy ending to this story and that his efforts made a difference.

The next day I went skiing again and as I was walking to my car at the end of my day I noticed the vehicle again. It just so happened to be running. I saw a group of people a couple of cars down and asked them which one of them owned the vehicle that was running. The guy that did came over right away and said “you’re Janet”. I smiled, nodded and made a new friend.