Come count birds. The Breeding Bird Survey Day is Saturday June 13.

Happy report from our birding correspondent, John Tschopp:

the Western Screech Owl, which was found at One Mile lake, is back out in the wilds again.

With the help of Brenda Lloyd and others it spent some weeks at Owl Rehab in Delta. Last week it was found to be fit for release. It was in a hurry to turn its back to its caretakers. Barely got a picture.

This Saturday, June 13, is Breeding Bird Survey Day in Pemberton. Some of the dedicated Ornithologists from the lowlands will join us for a morning of birding. Please join us at 8 am at the Black Bird Bakery (old Railroad station).

Allen Mcewan will take you to some very birdy places.
Some drinking water, a pair of binoculars and good footwear will take you through the morning.

Questions? John T 604 894 6902                     Allen  Mc       604 894 6063

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