A fresh perspective on smoke and haze

My throat hurts.

I smoked cigarettes for about five minutes when I was at University, and since then, have had pretty pink clean lungs. The current air quality is apparently the equivalent of smoking a pack a day of cigarettes. It’s not a great feeling. But here are some perspectives on that.

The first, comes from NASA.

Yep, you can see this smoke from outer space. At least, you could on July 5, and the fires have grown in size since that point.

britishcolumbia_tmo_2015187 britishcolumbia_tmo_2015186

The second, from Reddit user RyanOnymous :

ir (1) ir

The third, from local writer Katherine Fawcett, who posted these words of wisdom on Facebook today, and I borrow them, because it was a nice twist in my way of thinking:

Thing is: all this smoke creates shade, lowers the temp and can slow fire’s growth. The lack of wind may keep the smoke here, but I’d rather have to play inside for a few days and keep the windows shut than have gusty wind fanning the flames towards our town and burning more forest.

10344427_10153317469960673_8083034471799668929_oA smoke advisory continues in place throughout Sea to Sky country. (If you’ve found a clear window somewhere, let us know. We’ll meet you there.)

And the Pemberton Community Centre is running open family gym all day in the Great Hall. 

As for those hard core folk I’ve seen out riding their bikes, you guys do know there are a bunch of stationary bikes at the gym, right?

Until the smoke clears, here’s to the firefighters. Be safe. And thank you.

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