Instagram feature friday: @chasingsunrise

They’re not local, so we’re breaking from our three week old tradition of showcasing some of the funnest instagram feeds from the neighbourhood (@pembyboa, @pvtatrails, @vanessastarkart kicked us off.)


But after spying the most stunning Canada Day sunrise crowd shot, I discovered this inspiring feed, @chasingsunrise, which is basically a call to action to get out of bed uncomfortably early. All the best days I’ve ever had began with an alpine start, so even though I’m not a morning person at all, I endorse the strategy wholeheartedly.

Screenshot (10)

Brent Seal, who shot the video that ran on the Huffington Post, works to promote mental health and wellness at Mavrixx, and called this kind of a sunrise adventure is the “best anti-mental illness tool I know of.”

“One of the biggest reasons young people struggle with their mental health is social isolation. Today over 300 young people came together, connected, shared, laughed and sang and none of our lives will be the same.”

canada flag mount seymour

Screenshot (13) Screenshot (12)


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