The 5 Simplest Things You Can Do to Absorb the Collective Wisdom of #50DayWellnessChallenge – Takeaways

My big takeaway from the #50DayWellnessChallenge? I struggle with self-discipline and motivation. (I’ve heard it called Resistance, and Steven Pressfield writes about it with amazing insight.)
My second biggest takeaway? I am fortunate in ways I can barely count or capture, to be surrounded by people I admire and am inspired by. Luckily, this stuff rubs off.  (It’s called lifestyle contagion).
In that vein, I asked a lot of the 50DayWellnessChallenge participants to share the story of their journeys – we’ve posted some on the blog already, and more to come this month.
But in the spirit of keeping things short and sweet, here are the 5 simplest things you can do to boost your wellness, as drawn from local wellness seekers.

1. Reconsider sugar.

2. Hydrate.

3. Count sleep and rest days and afternoon naps and long baths as wellness actions. Stay in bed when you’re sick. Listen to your body. Treat your injuries.

4. Surrender to the seasons.

5. Choose things you like to do.


Simple, right? Look, we didn’t say it would be easy!

Happy 2015!

May wellness, whatever path you take to it, be your habit and your practice this year.


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