Virtual Wellness Fair: BC Responsible and Problem Gambling help

At the end of November, the Winds of Change hosted the 5th annual Wellness Gathering and Trade Fair, as a way of bringing our communities together in the name of wellness and sharing information about the resources available.

We’ve invited all the Trade Fair exhibitors to share some information about themselves on the Wellness Almanac, and will offer these profiles over the coming months.


My name is Dawna Silver and I am a Clinical Counsellor and Prevention Specialist with the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program. I participated in the Winds of Change Wellness Gathering with the hope of connecting with people in Mt. Currie and raising awareness about the services available to BC residents through our Program.

The goals of our program are to: raise awareness about the risks associated with gambling: provide strategies to keep gambling play safe, if choosing to gamble; provide information on the odds of different games; explain the difference between recreational and problem gambling; and provide information on the support and resources available for those individuals and communities impacted by problems with gambling. Our program also provides free counselling services for those who are concerned about their gambling or someone else’s gambling. We also offer educational workshops for youth, adults, and older adults as well as training for community agencies and allied health professionals.

The following is a list of free services our program provides including:
• The BC Problem Gambling Help Line (1.888.795.6111) – a 24 hour, toll-free Help Line that provides information and referrals for free counseling;
• Free individual, couple and family counseling services;
• Day treatment programs;
• Education and prevention services to all populations, including students in grades five to twelve; parent groups; postsecondary; community groups; older adult populations; and community professionals;
• The BC Responsible and Problem Gambling website:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.32.26 PM

We have cultural specialists working to raise awareness within communities throughout BC. As a Métis person, I work with First Peoples in a specific geographic area which includes the Lil’wat and the N’Quat’qua Nations. The Winds of Change Wellness Gathering invitation offered an exciting opportunity to return to Mt. Currie. In addition to meeting many wonderful participants, the location was the best part of the Gathering for me. Visiting such special lands continues to be a highlight for me. I have felt welcomed by the people of the Lil’wat Nation and look forward to establishing relationships with other peoples living in the area. Being a messenger of health and balance is rewarding work. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Winds of Change Gathering.

Contentment requires a combination of adequate present day skills, belief in one’s ability to make life meaningful and a willingness to make peace with the patterns and events of the past. My positive approach helps people identify problems and systematically move forward. ~ Dawna Silver

Indigenous clients seeking support in the area can call Dawna directly at: 778-885-1950, or email me at: or visit my website:


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