#50DayWellnessChallenge – Drink Water, Do Something Else Good Every Day

The #50DayWellnessChallenge was an invitation made by the Winds of Change, to help mark a 50 day countdown to the Wellness Gathering, and invite people to delve into what wellness means for them. With the Gathering complete, the madness of the holiday season ahead, and the prospect of New Year’s resolutions around the corner, we wanted to hear how it went. Learnings? Take-aways? Run aways? Let’s keep wellness on the agenda! The invitation is out, to any of the #50DayWellnessChallenge participants, to let us know what it takes to inject a big fat dose of wellness into your life. Here’s one:


When an e-mail arrived in my Inbox asking me to take up the 50 day Wellness Challenge I didn’t even bat an eyeball. After all, it came from Lisa Richardson – a wellness champion herself! A strong, thoughtful, amazingly inspirational, Sea-to-Sky Mama. Plus, the fall and spring are typically times that I hunker down and focus on my health. Not sure why – perhaps because apres, Christmas parties, and summer beer drinking sessions are not in season therefore making it easier? Maybe cold+rain+shorter days=nourishing soups+herbal tea+more sleep? And I am more conveniently located next to a water tap? Eyeball twitches subside, giving way to asanas and bike rides. A totally acceptable replacement for crazy chicken-with-head-cut-off lady that I sometimes impersonate.


Anyways. I was keen. I didn’t set my goals exceptionally high – it was to drink enough water! But for me that is always a challenge (more on that in a moment). I also set out to get a dose of “daily goods” for body, mind and soul.

So back to the water thing. I wanted to drink 2-3 Litres of fluid a day (water and herbal teas).

First hard part: I don’t feel thirsty very often.

Also: I really dislike the taste of Pemberton town water. What to do? I purchased a Santevia water filter from Be Natural Apothecary and Foods. I am not going to go on and on about it, but basically- I no longer feel I could be doing damage to my body (or my family’s!) by consuming my tap water. Not sure if it was our pipes in the house, or the town water mains, but our water out of the tap tastes like chlorine and metallic. Yuck. Thanks Santevia! And I know it does lots of other great things too… like re-mineralizing and restoring pH.


Now, to the dose of the “daily goods”: For the most part I have been hitting the trails with running shoes or mountain bike, as well as the yoga mat. I think this part is driven not so much by the wellness challenge itself, but the momentum of starting something good, getting really into it and not wanting it to end. Plus BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD! And it feels good to stay true to your word.

At times I lack the motivation to get ‘er going, but right now I am on fire! On rare days when I can’t fit it in, I have been setting myself up for success by counting things like taking a long hot bath, getting a massage, going for a bike ride with my kids, making cough syrup for the winter, or spending time working in the garden as a daily dose. I have not been too hard on myself, and I think that has helped me keep my motivation up. Added bonus? Drinking all that water has given me more energy! I am also a “My Yoga Online” student. For those of you that don’t know about this – it is a great and affordable way to practice at home, on your own schedule, and the teachers are amazing! This has made a couple yoga classes a week really attainable.

Screen shot 2014-11-30 at 7.57.26 PM

And here lies by biggest secret to my success so far – the change of seasons. I adore the fall. The rain does not bother me and the cold weather brings on this sense of urgency. “They” will be covered up soon – inaccessible and somewhat hidden until the spring. Not just the beautiful trails, but plants and landscape features that have become so familiar with all those footsteps and tire rotations. Every time I head out something has changed. The leaves engulf the big-leaf maple in a golden halo on the hillside. The twin old-growth Douglas-firs on Radio Tower stand out stark now that the undergrowth has subsided – beckoning me to fly through them with arms outstretched and graze their ancient bark with my fingertips. Somehow they seem bigger and stronger; more well-rooted in the absence of others. The white corpse berries have turned to mush and I wonder what might eat them, if anything at all? (I need to look that up!). And today the hoar frost was delightfully crunchy under my front tire. For me, it always has been, and hopefully always will be, that connection to the Earth, the cycles, the things bigger than me, and how I might fit into it all of that that inspires me over and over. And not just in my recreational pursuits but in my desire to make a difference on the planet. I am a true believer in recreational therapy. For those who are seeking healing, and for those that are made more whole and connected through this practice.


So thank-you Winds of Change for nudging me to keep doing the things I love. For reminding me to say no to make way for yes. I truly believe we live in an place of elevated wellness – and part of that is because of you. Namaste!





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