2014: A Photographic Year in Review

At the outset of the spring, we added a couple of amazing local photographers to our contributor list, tasking them to share one image a week, to help us keep a kind of sacred space every Sunday. It’s part of what the Wellness Almanac is about: a celebration of place, an invitation to pay attention.

We offer our huge thanks to Dave Steers, Gary Martin, Polek Rybczynski and (fourteen year old!) Ruben Guibert for being so gracious in sharing their work, for being so inspiring in the way they look at the world, and for being so awesome at answering last minute reminder emails.

Take a peek at this slideshow, to see what a year (9 months) in the life of Pemberton/Mt Currie looks like, from the first spring lamb to the winter wet.

Please note, the dates on the captions are the date of the blog post – sometimes that’s a couple of days different from when the image was shot.

Personally, I found it interesting to see, for mountain folk, how much we orient around water, that the turning of the seasons here is so fluid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We love documenting this region through the lens of locals. If you’re one such shutter-happy character, or you know one, let us know at thewellnessalmanac@gmail.com.

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