Photo of the Week: Spring Lamb by Dave Steers

Spring in Pemberton means new beginnings, new babies, new life. Photo by Dave Steers.

Okay, if the first bulbs peeking up, your garlic making its appearance, or getting in some mountain bike rides hasn’t been enough to thaw your frozen winter heart, this 3 day old lamb, shot today by Pemberton’s favourite lensman, Dave Steers, will surely inject a great big warming wallop of spring into your very marrow.

In the spirit of a picture being worth a thousand words, we’ve asked four local photographers to agree to make Sundays a day for a quieter contemplation. Each week, they’ll share their favourite image from the Valley. Dave, who has been Pemberton’s favourite photographer in the Pique’s annual Best of, since at least 2010, kicks us off.

Three day old lamb, Pemberton in the spring 2014, by Dave Steers

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