Work in Progress, with Photographer Dave Steers

Due to too many obligations, house-guests, family commitments, work commitments, spurts of agoraphobia, and a host of other excuses, I do not attend as many local happenings as I want to. Luckily, Dave Steers does. I love watching community life unfold through his lens. So I asked him to allow himself to be featured in our Work in Progress column.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 12.49.01 PM

He shared a shortened copy of his winning slideshow from the PVTA’s July Fun’raiser. 

(If the 3 minute version leaves you hanging, all I can say is, don’t miss next year’s event!0

He’s a man of few words, when it comes to talking about himself, but if you want to experience a sensory assault courtesy Dave Steers, take a browse of his flickr photostream.

1. Who are you?

Dave Steers – photographer – born in ottawa, came to photography early darkroom in basement by 12 yo geek member of camera club in high school – studied photojournalism and journalism at ryerson but did not graduate somehow ended up out west instead…eventually went back to finish ba in english as i wanted something that would get me a job right away…

2. What inspired this work?
This work was done for the Pemberton Valley Trails Association.  They were having a fundraiser and had the idea that they could present works from three different photographers.  I didn’t know all the details until I went to drop the show off the afternoon of and ended up doing some frantic changing of the thing in the hours before the fundraiser started.

3. Where is this piece headed?
I’ve got it on flickr…

4. How do you hold space for, or make time for, your creative self? What’s your practice or creative routine?
I go out with a camera.  I always find stuff I want to shoot.  Possibly because of a bit of photojournalism I shoot in that style – i don’t like posing pictures at all – staging them – I like wandering around having people get used to me and trying to be the fly on the wall shooting things that are  happening in front of me…

5. How big an influence is this region, our backyard, the landscape and energy here, on your work?

the Pemberton area is a huge influence on me.

I grew up in a mountainless world and in a way i’m happy about that because i find i can still sit and watch the light play over mt currie for hours…and i’m not sure i’d be doing that if i was born here.

Love shooting scenic stuff.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 12.49.31 PM

6. What do you do to recharge your creative energy if you’re feeling artist’s block?

I will try not to shoot for a week or so and when i can’t stand it any more I go out with a camera and feel much better.

7. Where can people follow you, or discover more of your works?

Easiest way is flickr.

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