RiverWatch: Fishmas wishes from Maxine Joseph-Bruce

On Christmas Eve, Lil’wat Fisheries Manager Maxine Joseph-Bruce dropped us an update to share with you all.

AMA sqit nsneknukwa7 (Good day friends and relatives!)

It’s been awhile since I stopped by to share a story with you.

Coho salmon began arriving in our valley around mid September and so our surveys have us spending time out on the Ryan River, Poole Creek, Green River and Birkenhead River.

Today we might just have time to take a trek out to Sampson and Railroad Creeks. We’re thinking that the Coho salmon are adapting to this warm winter temperature, spawning seems to be complete at Poole Creek. I guess we’ll learn more after today’s surveys in the Ryan River and/or Sampson and Railroad Creeks. 

Gotta love these opportunities that get us out and about with Mother Nature. Ah nice, the gifts she gives us.

That’s it for this fish story, so I’ll take this time to wish you all a Merry Fishmas and a Happy new Fish spear!

Kukwstumulhkalap (we thank you all)
Nilh ti (that’s all)

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