#50DayWellnessChallenge Q+A with Carlee

The #50DayWellnessChallenge was an invitation made by the Winds of Change, to help mark a 50 day countdown to the Wellness Gathering, and invite people to delve into what wellness means for them. With the Gathering complete, the madness of the holiday season ahead, and the prospect of New Year’s resolutions around the corner, we wanted to hear how it went. Learnings? Take-aways? Run aways? Let’s keep wellness on the agenda! The invitation is out, to any of the #50DayWellnessChallenge participants, to let us know what it takes to inject a big fat dose of wellness into your life. Here’s one more from event organiser, marathon runner, twin-mama Carlee Cindric:
How did it go?
It went okay! I was consistent with my exercise, but didn’t end up doing something I considered really active every day for the full 50 days. Does that make me a bad person? 
What was your challenge? To do something active every day.
Why did you say yes? I like a good challenge, I was organizing the Wellness Gathering event so felt compelled to take part and I like these sort of things!
What were you hoping to get out of it? To get myself back into an exercise routine. I had fallen out of my regular routine after my mini concussion in September.
How did you interpret #50Day? Did it have to be daily? How did that go? If you were successful and did every single day, how did you maintain that? What made it easier/more doable? I did not do something super physically active every day. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but rather because my at home schedule did not allow for it. Trying to be physically active on a daily basis with twin 2 year olds is a bit much. However, that being said, if I counted running around and playing with my girls as being physically active, then yes I did something every day for the full 50 days… but this kind of seems like cheating to me. Weird, huh?! I think I may be too hard on myself. 
Did you sustain momentum for the entire 50 days? Yes and no… I did get back into a consistent exercise routine in which I hit the gym every second day.
Did you choose a singular/focussed challenge, or something more general? Was it hard pinning it down to one thing? Was it harder or easier to fulfil it? Singular focus – do something active every day for 50 days.
What was your best takeaway from the experience? I can’t commit to exercising every day – my life is too full at the moment. Nor would I want to as this would take me away from spending time with my girls. I also learned to not commit to something in such a big way. I went into this challenge with a ‘go big or go home’ attitude and really I didn’t need to. I could have just said  that I was going to get myself back into a exercise routine over the next 50 days and left it at that. 🙂
What do you feel you accomplished? I understand my limits and capacity a bit better…I know I can’t fit everything in all the time. And, I did get myself back into a regular exercise routine, so that’s awesome. I feel stronger and healthier than I did 50 days ago!
What challenges did you face? Were there low-points? How did you handle them? Missing days without being super physically active. I felt like I was letting myself down and letting down the 50DaysofWellnessChallenge and everyone who was reading my posts of Facebook. I felt like a bit of a failure!When you needed motivation where did you turn? The 50DaysofWellnessChallenge also coincided nicely with my get-away to Hawaii…so getting bikini ready was also motivation!

Where to next? Will you keep any of it going? Yes, I will keep going with my exercise routine and look to increase my running distances.
Would you do it again? Do it next year/annually? Yes, but I think I would commit to something different, something that is outside of my comfort zone that I would consider a challenge…like meditating for 5 minutes every day or not eating chocolate or something like that. 

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